Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Some photo history Pt. 1

Tonight, my brother-in-law helped me scan a few slides that were in a Ziploc that came with some of the original sales invoices, and maintenance records. The previous owner forgot the photo journal/ diary that the original owners kept when I picked the car up, but it should be arriving this weekend. Once I get it, I'll continue to scan the images and other whatnots to share. It's great getting to read and see about how much the original owners took pride in this Greenbrier, and used it as a tool for exploring. It seems to be the subject of what a majority of their photographs consist of.

Clearly it has been outfitted with various camper tops through the years, and I can say that I'm happy with what the current top is, for many reasons.


  1. Hi Jason,
    Earlier today, I responded to a BaT request for favourite story of the year. I initially chose the one about the guy who bought his fathers Beetle and still had the original key. Later, I thought about which vehicle, of the hundreds I'd seen on BaT this year, I would MOST LIKE TO OWN and remembered your Corvair Greenbrier. I was so pleased when I re-read the comments section that you had not only identified yourself as the lucky buyer but have started a blog. I particularly enjoyed your video walkthrough and the old period pictures, although I must say I agree with you that that early hard camper roof was hideous, lol. The current poptop much better and is similar to my old Westphalia. I look forward to more scans of that huge stack of paperwork you got with the van and hope you have many happy adventures - you have a fantastic camper there. Phil in Burlington, Ontario

  2. aye. another vote for favorite BaT story.

  3. Hey guys, thanks for the 'vote’! I think this Greenbrier is a pretty special car, with some great history which has been a ball to own so far.

    As a very sentimental guy, It'd be hard not to vote for the VW Beetle though. As I'm trying to track down my dad's '65 Mustang 'Pony Package' he bought new, and the Corvair Yenko Stinger YS-020 he, me, and his car buddies restored back when I was a teenager.

    Of all the amazing cars on BaT in 2011, I think the 'bang for your buck' cars that are somewhat in my price range I would have to pick the;

    Austin Healey 3000
    1964 Corvair Bargain Racer

    and if I had much deeper pockets...
    Yenko Stinger YS-003
    1970 Porsche 914-6

  4. Third pic is classic columnar lava in the Columbia George. Driven by it many time, but many years ago, so I can't tell you the milepost. Fifth pic I think the slide is reversed, as the mirrors are missing from the "drivers side " of the cars. If so, that is the Keystone ferry dock on Whidbey Isl. With Fort Casey in the high ground to the "left".
    Very much like your blog, as this was the area I grew up in.

  5. That camper top the original owner started with was quite "unique." looks backward. Really like it much better with the pop top.