Monday, December 12, 2011

Maiden Voyage, by the numbers.

916 - miles Seattle > Portland > San Francisco [with a few sightseeing detours]
51.2 - gallons of fuel
17.89 - miles per gallon average
916 - miles w/ gas heater running
1/2 - quarts of oil I added
0 - amount of brake fluid needed

70 - MPH this rig likes to run
65 - MPH up gradual hills
55ish - MPH through the steeper grades
45 - MPH up the steepest grade

11 - number of thumbs up given
5 - number of thumbs up from men [older than me]
3 - number of those older men that asked if I had a spare fan belt

9 - number of VW campers I saw along the way
0 - number of Corvair campers I saw along the way

3 - number of “oh-shit” moments
2 - number of animals on the road that caused those “oh-shit” moments 1 and 3 [one deer, one coyote/ fox/ leopard type animal]
111 - approximate MPH speed the white R8 was going when passing me through Grant’s Pass that caused the 2nd “oh shit” moment

6 - number of spare parts I bought in case of a roadside break down. [fan belt, fuel pump, points, distributor, condenser, rotor]
0 - number of those parts I used
6 - number of inches of mechanics wire I used to reattached a loose curtain rod [only repair I had to make... and I found the screw this morning]

8 - number of times I played this album.
5 - number of times I played this album.
3 - number of times I played this album.

1.5 - number of VooDoo donuts I ate

1 - happy, lucky, and blessed man I am

5 - days until the wife, pup and I take it on our first family camping trip


  1. Awesome. The stories that van could tell if it could talk...

    A video with audio of how it sounds winding through the gears and at cruising speed would be cool (if you're taking requests).

    Two more thumbs up. And yes I was wondering about the fan belt. I understand there is a tension gauge to be used adjusting it. When properly adjusted (and it's not intuitive) the tendency to destroy fan belts is minimal.

    Do you plan on any upgrades? It seems perfect.

  2. Yes, the stories this van has. Check out some of the old slides I scanned in. I'm anxiously awaiting the scrapbook/ journal with additional photos and stories to learn more.

    I'll do another video of a drive and the mechanics of it this coming weekend, with real sound.

    No major upgrades planned. First thing is installing some seat belts, then I'd like to figure out a way to allow passengers to ride in the back, safely. I've been looking 'Z beds' that are in VW's, but will probably end up altering/fabricating my own bracket system as to not change the current cabinetry/ storage configuration.

  3. Perhaps a school-bus bench seat would look period correct and could be bolted to the floor (with easy release for pulling it out to the campfire)? With some nice upholstery and a throw pillow?

    Seat belts are mandatory even in older cars in CA right? I'd feel awkward not wearing one these days, but the best safety device is going to be the driver.

  4. But how many times did you listen to Single Ladies?