Saturday, January 7, 2012

I Lied... One More Batch of History.

I just keep finding images and photos in the stack of documents we got with the Greenbrier.
It's clear that Ken and June [original owners] loved adventure, and documenting along the way. Here are some large format prints I found while going through the box this week.
I'd love to hear any knowledge or guesses of where these were taken if you recognize the scenery.

Friday, January 6, 2012

One Last Bit Of History... really thin and fragile paper.

Here are the invoices from the dealer that were passed along with a large binder of receipts and maintenance records. I always love when cars come along with these original invoices. Oh how prices have changed...

The Brooks' [original owners] traded in a 1960 4door Ford Falcon for their beloved Greenbrier.

 Top and Center Stripe painting invoice.

And I can't really read anything on this PO, but here it is.
And here is the service order for a new engine and other maintenance.

Next entry, photos and details of a few outings we've had since bringing Greenbrier home.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Adventures of Greenbrier, Volume 1 ; 90 pages of history

So here is a very belated post of the diary/ photo-journal that was passed on to me from the previous owner, who bought the Greenbrier from the grandson of the original owner. Of all the classic cars I've owned, this is by far the most intimate history any of them have had that has been passed on with the car. It's a bit surreal to me to be allowed in to the story/ stories of this Greenbrier and how personal some of the stories are. I haven't had a chance to read all 90 pages of it as I've been traveling for Christmas the past two weeks, but I'm thoroughly looking forward to reading more during my layover tomorrow in Denver.

What I have read is inspiring to me to see how this Greenbrier was a way for being with family and creating memories, and a tool for exploring their curiosities. In addition to that, I love reading the process of them selecting the Greenbrier over a VW, and how Ken and June methodically customized it to meet their needs... more than once.


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Some photo history Pt. 1

Tonight, my brother-in-law helped me scan a few slides that were in a Ziploc that came with some of the original sales invoices, and maintenance records. The previous owner forgot the photo journal/ diary that the original owners kept when I picked the car up, but it should be arriving this weekend. Once I get it, I'll continue to scan the images and other whatnots to share. It's great getting to read and see about how much the original owners took pride in this Greenbrier, and used it as a tool for exploring. It seems to be the subject of what a majority of their photographs consist of.

Clearly it has been outfitted with various camper tops through the years, and I can say that I'm happy with what the current top is, for many reasons.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Maiden Voyage, by the numbers.

916 - miles Seattle > Portland > San Francisco [with a few sightseeing detours]
51.2 - gallons of fuel
17.89 - miles per gallon average
916 - miles w/ gas heater running
1/2 - quarts of oil I added
0 - amount of brake fluid needed

70 - MPH this rig likes to run
65 - MPH up gradual hills
55ish - MPH through the steeper grades
45 - MPH up the steepest grade

11 - number of thumbs up given
5 - number of thumbs up from men [older than me]
3 - number of those older men that asked if I had a spare fan belt

9 - number of VW campers I saw along the way
0 - number of Corvair campers I saw along the way

3 - number of “oh-shit” moments
2 - number of animals on the road that caused those “oh-shit” moments 1 and 3 [one deer, one coyote/ fox/ leopard type animal]
111 - approximate MPH speed the white R8 was going when passing me through Grant’s Pass that caused the 2nd “oh shit” moment

6 - number of spare parts I bought in case of a roadside break down. [fan belt, fuel pump, points, distributor, condenser, rotor]
0 - number of those parts I used
6 - number of inches of mechanics wire I used to reattached a loose curtain rod [only repair I had to make... and I found the screw this morning]

8 - number of times I played this album.
5 - number of times I played this album.
3 - number of times I played this album.

1.5 - number of VooDoo donuts I ate

1 - happy, lucky, and blessed man I am

5 - days until the wife, pup and I take it on our first family camping trip

A not so quick walking tour of the camper...

So we took a little afternoon trip out to Muir Woods, so Meg and Mater could experience the excellence of our new rig.

Here's a not-so-quick, quick walking tour of some of the features.

I'm still working on a summary of the trip to pick it up, and the 916 mile return trip, but in short, it was amazing. No mechanical problems what so ever. Ran like a top the whole way. Needless to say, we're in love.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

A few photos from along the way SEA > PDX > SFO > WAD...

A quick photo slideshow from along the way.
Details, first 916 mile impressions, and the trip by the numbers to follow...

WAD = [wife approval drive]