Monday, December 5, 2011

And so it begins...

My wife and I have been looking for a Greenbrier for a bit of time now, looking for a vehicle to explore our new surroundings and see about some things. I’ve been scouring every known search engine, jaxed, craiggers, Corvair car club classifieds, blogs, flickr and then some... then this little gem pops up [thanks to my buddy John G.] We’ve been looking for a solid, unmolested Greenbrier that I would convert to a ‘camper’, luckily we didn’t pull the trigger on any of them, as none of them were this solid, original, or have what I think will be as kindred of spirits as this one.

Per the seller's listing description on eBay:

"...there is a wonderful scrapbook included with this vehicle that tells the story of a couple who ordered this Corvair new and accessorized  it with a beautifully constructed camper interior to travel the northwest.  He was an architect and photographer and submitted his travel stories and photos (including the Greenbrier) for publication to travel magazines of the time. During its off season the Greenbrier was tucked away and cared for until the next summer. The scrapbook chronicles their story from young couple to grandparents, with the Greenbrier as their tried and trusty camper."

Ironically the history of this Greenbrier aligns similar to my wife and mine. Newlywed, new transplants to the west coast, travelers, me a recently licensed architect and builder. So, the first road trip will begin this coming Friday when I fly into Seattle for a pick up and head south 811 miles back to San Francisco. I haven’t seen the scrapbook/ journal yet, but my wife and I are looking forward to authoring a ‘volume 2’ to add to the photos and journal the original owners kept. This is our blog where you will find a lot of our adventures, but we will keep some of it non-digital too for the sake of continuing the original story.

Why a Corvair? They’ve been in my life since I was about 8, every make, model and type. My dad, a car guy, and his crew of car buddies exposed me to the beauty and spirit they possess. Some of the best lessons I’ve learned in life.

Once I get a bit more organized I’ll dedicate a post to a bit more history of how my fascination for cars all started, down to my very first car [if you can call it that] a ‘73 Series III Land Rover my dad bought from a sheep farmer in Ava, MO, and the parts donor we bought from a buffalo ranch around St. Louis, MO, and the 3 year restoration of it, them... it. After a 3 year restoration, I sold it 6 months later and bought a '65 Corsa coupe w/ a 140. Hands down the most fun and enjoyable car I've owned... more on it later.

In the mean time, this is only 4 long days away.


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  1. Hey Steve(P), welcome to the beginning of our little adventure blog. You've got a great eye for cars. Corvairs... they seem to be a love em' or hate em' type of car. I happen to be a love em' guy. If you ever get a chance, you should take one for a ride. They're great fun for the cost to play. It's going to be a great time! Check back often, as I hope to direct feed some photos along the drive back from Seattle to Portland when I pick it up.