Friday, January 6, 2012

One Last Bit Of History... really thin and fragile paper.

Here are the invoices from the dealer that were passed along with a large binder of receipts and maintenance records. I always love when cars come along with these original invoices. Oh how prices have changed...

The Brooks' [original owners] traded in a 1960 4door Ford Falcon for their beloved Greenbrier.

 Top and Center Stripe painting invoice.

And I can't really read anything on this PO, but here it is.
And here is the service order for a new engine and other maintenance.

Next entry, photos and details of a few outings we've had since bringing Greenbrier home.


  1. heh, "check engine, made noise and quit running." Along with a towing charge from Rebels. I wonder if he was the guy with the toe-truck?

    This is great! The car has been pre-disastered; your days with it will be trouble free...

    Vashon Island is pretty cool too. (used to live in Seattle and was at the World's fair the same time as your 'vair. I was 4 at the time.)

  2. How do you plan on celebrating the 'brier's big five oh birthday on Feb 23? :)

  3. That van was originally sold in my hometown; the first owner's old house is on one of my routes to work! Unless it went to the west coast early on, it's a wonder it survived the winters. The snow & salt were not kind to Corvairs of any shape in this part of the country.

    A friend of mine has a red Corvair Convertible that he restored; coolest feature is the Nader for President sticker on the back bumper. ;o)

  4. Happy 50th birthday to your Greenbrier today, Feb 23, 2012. The bill of sale shows it was purchased on Feb 23, 1962. It was also purchased from Jay-shon Chev and now owned by Jason!